Cottonwood Rules

Office hours: 11am-4pm, Mon-Fri, unless there is an emergency (fire, flooding water, etc). The office is part of our home—please ring the doorbell and wait for us to answer.

Student Living: Live the Gospel, and follow the Honor Code and Apt. Living Standards. Help and encourage roommates to do the same. Check out BYU-Idaho links regarding apartment living at:

Visitor parking: located in the front lot. Visitors can park there between noon and curfew. Tenants can park there from curfew until noon. If you are parked there during the wrong hours you will be booted!

Clean Checks: conducted weekly by the Manager’s Assistants. If you fail clean checks once, you will be given another opportunity to pass from the MA. If you fail again, the Manager will check your apt. the next week during your regular clean checks. If you fail the Manager’s check, you will be charged $30/hour for the cleaning crew to clean for you.

Maintenance Requests: submit online right away on our website unless it is an emergency (fire, flooding water, etc). We cannot fix things if we don’t know they are broken, so please let us know ASAP!

Internet: if you have problems with the internet, please give us a call. If we don’t answer, please leave us a detailed message about the problem you are having with your name, apt #, and phone #.

Lounge/laundry room hours: 8am – curfew. If you leave items in the laundry room past curfew you will not be able to retrieve them until the next day. Items left in the laundry room for more than 14 days will be removed and donated to the D.I.

Quiet hours: 10pm-8am every day and all day on Sunday. Please be respectful of others!

Locked out of your apt: don’t remove the screen. If you do, you will be charged $20 (more if the screen is broken/bent). Contact one of the MAs (info is on the office door) to unlock your apartment for you.